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  • Incredibly hot, has ghost peppers and habaneros in the sauce. Make sure to wash your hands after eating these, or you’re gonna be in pain!

  • They use a Franks-based dry rub. It’s a phenomenal flavor.

  • Such a good flavor. Don’t sleep on Avg Joe’s!

  • Some of the wings had great coverage, others didn’t. The flavor was pretty standard cajun, but the crispness was spot on, and the meat was nice and juicy.

  • A great blend of heat and a nice garlic flavor.

  • A great alternative to just another Buffalo Wing, and a super enjoyable place. I just wish the wings were a little meatier, but really crispy and overall very solid.

  • Plenty of sauce coverage. A little more wet than I like but no complaints. Could have been hotter – no tears were shed as I rolled through this 10-pack of hot with ease.

  • Unique flavor with a nutmeg cinammon-y taste. Definitely worth a try.

  • Usually much better than this. Sauce coverage was not the best today.

  • I always get mine naked – and tonight tried mixing the Hot and Garlic sauces. Gotta say, I’ll be doing more of the flavor mixing. The flavor was fantastic.

  • Rad General Tso’s flavor. Breaded texture, could have been meatier.

  • Was expecting more heat from Hot Buffalo. Breaded, crispy – overall, a very nice wing.

  • Wet, smokey Buffalo zap. My tastebuds were big fans. White BBQ sauce dipping sauce was excellent. Cool place, good vibes all around. Definitely worth a stop.

  • They make all their sauces in-house. This is definitely not your traditional FRH Buff sauce. Very good!

  • Super good flavor. Looked like freshly grated parm all over the wings.

  • Flavor was amazing. They came out and was a little scared as a much different color than normal, but rich did not disappoint!

  • Really good flavor. No celery or ranch to be seen. Hate that it brought the Overall score down – the wings were on point!

  • Flame grilled, sweet and spicy. Lacked sauce but won in size and accompaniments.

  • Smoked wings! Next time I’m getting the sauce on the side. I bet these wings taste amazing even sauceless.

  • Bubba is a great blend of sweet and spice. If you’re up for it, try Blazin’ Bubba. Adds some Ghost Peppers.

  • Not bad. Flavor was respectable but didn’t have much of any wow factor.

  • Traditional buffalo wing. Meaty, nice sauce coverage and above average accompaniments.

  • Bland flavor and no real bite even though waitress said the flavor was Buffalo Hot.

  • This place is more known for their pizza but the wings aren’t too shabby! I don’t love the flavor profile for the hot. For me, I get too much black pepper that overwhelms the other flavors that should be bringing together a perfect hot buffalo sauce. These are smaller than average wings however plumpness makes up for their stature so plenty to bite off. Their ranch is top notch though! Infused with some parmesan cheese, this ranch elevates the the overall experience beyond the wing itself. I recommend giving this place a shot as they have many other flavors I have not tried.

  • Pretty great flavor. You’ll be hard pressed to find a flavor here you don’t like.

  • Flavor was the only item good on this go around. Way too crispy and just lil baby wings.

  • Really good flavor and heat on the Nashville hot, the sauce coverage wasn’t that great this time around.

  • The sauce coverage was lacking, and they were super crispy this time around.

  • Not my usual experience with Pastimes. Overdone, and overall just not awesome.

  • Just the right amount of sauce, mango habanero zip, crispy, sizable, and plenty of blue cheese. Very solid wing in a great wing environment.

  • Little dive bar by Isle of Palms beach. Online menu advertised their wings as Jumbo wings so I only ordered 5. However, they were regular size – nothing jumbo about them. Sauce coverage was great – plenty leftover to pair with other snacks. Flavor was a nice blend of raspberry and habanero but neither stood out from the other which is OK. Super crispy and served with choice of blue cheese or ranch and celery. Service was super fast. I placed my takeout order over the phone and the wings were waiting for me when I arrived 10 minutes later, nicely packaged in a brown bag. Friendly staff. Definitely worth a taste of you’re in the Charleston area.

  • Saucy with a classic Carolina BBQ taste. My taste buds were big fans. Crispy, average in size, and served with blue cheese. Solid flavor choice and cool bar by the beach with a fun atmosphere – live music and more.

  • Plenty of sauce coverage. The Medium flavor didn’t do much for me – expected it to have a little more taste. Wings themselves lacked crispness. Served with a packet of ranch. Place had a long drive through line and appeared to be popular with locals. Friendly staff.

  • An abundance of sauce! Gold rush didn’t make me rich – pretty basic Carolina Gold taste. Anything but crispy, meaty, and served with ranch. Probably wouldn’t order Gold Rush here again.

  • Pleasantly surprised. Buffalo Mild had excellent flavor with the right amount of tanginess. The wings were crispy and perfectly cooked with the majority being thick and meaty. Also caught them on $.89 wing night which made for a perfect dinner. Never would’ve thought that I would eat all 20 in one sitting. That were that good!

  • This place hit the mark! I’m a huge fan of Carolina Gold when it has the right balance & kick! Wings had perfect sauce coverage & were meaty with a nice crisp. The sauce stuck to the wing really well & provided even taste on all wings! Highly recommended at this local lake place!

  • Marshall’s house smoked whole wings were crispy! No lie – I was a little nervous about ordering “Hot Be Wise” as I had a flight that evening but no need to be scared – their heat level was Medium at best. Next time I’ll request ’em extra hot. Lots of flavor and solid accompaniments. Overall, a good wings. Cool local bar and great service, too – cheap draft beer and solid menu. Worth a visit if you’re in Columbus.

  • Buffalo Kiwi is what it sounds like “Buffalo with a hint of Kiwi” the person who took my order said when I asked what to expect. The Kiwi reduced the heat for a soft buffalo flavor. Crispy and sizable served with blue cheese.

  • While breaded wings aren’t my fave, these were still pretty good. Very meaty, and juicy.

  • Wow, this flavor combo was great. They’ll mix up anything you want. If I could make one change, it would be just to add a little more heat.

  • Breaded. Mushy. Cold. Only thing going for them was sauce coverage and they were HUGE. I’d skip these guys.

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