Super Bowl LVI is almost here. Big stars, large wagers, epic TV commercials, and chicken wings. There’s a lot to look forward to on game day. Despite a national chicken wing shortage, fans are gearing up to top last year’s record of 1.42 billion wings consumed during the Super Bowl. With so many wing options in Columbus, Ohio, it can be stressful choosing where to source your wings for the big game. Let us help you with our list of the top 15 places to get chicken wings in Columbus, Ohio for Super Bowl LVI.

15. Hot Chicken Takeover
From pop-up shop to four popular locations, Hot Chicken Takeover brought Nashville hot chicken to Ohio. While the hot chicken sandwich is a crowd favorite, don’t sleep on their chicken wings. A few orders of five whole wings will do for the big game.

14. Winking Lizard
From fire in the hole to bourbon barrel BBQ to dry rub, the Liz has a sauce for everyone’s tastebuds. Great place to watch the game, too. Go Browns!

13. Barley’s Brewing Company
Do you like “fall off the bone” wings? Barley’s “unconventional” grilled wings will do just that.

12. Press Grill
Looking for a wing that channels those served up at Anchor Bar in Buffalo. Press Grill would make the Wing King proud. Pro tip – order medium sauce for the win!

11. Marshalls
Great beer. Great wings. This Grandview bar does a lot of things well. Their house smoked whole chicken wings will light up the scoreboard.

10. Nasty’s Sports Bar
There’s nothing nasty about this Hilliard sports bar. From fireball to parmesan pepper to dry rubs like garlic romano, there’s a practice squad of sauces to choose from here. Enjoy.

9. Roosters
“To the roost!” said every Columbus wing fan at least once in their lifetime. Their sauce-dripping whole wings have built them a loyal fan base over the years. From nu-killer to Nashville hot dry rub, plenty of sauces to choose from at Roosters.

8. Quaker Steak and Lube
Can’t go wrong at The Lube. From their hottest wing “Eat Heat” with scorpion pepper venom and wildberry to Buckeye BBQ, The Lube is a great choice for the big game.

7. Gallo’s Tap Room
My wife and I had our first date here – over wings, of course. ‘Nuff said. While cockfight and wasabi sauce wings are local faves, I’m a big fan of the traditional buffalo sauce.

6. Buffalo Wings and Rings
With “Chef’d Up Sauces,” classic sauces, and dry rubs – this sports bar knows a thing or two about wings. Great place to watch the big game, too.

5. Thurman’s Cafe
Adam Richman made their Thurmanator burger famous on Man vs Food, but don’t sleep on their jumbo wings. They are a perfect way to soak in the biggest football game of the year.

4. Wings Over Columbus
Whether you are hosting a Super Bowl party or soaking it in at home with your sweetie, Wings Over Columbus is a great choice. Order in increments of 6 to 100 with sauces ranging from citrus chipotle BBQ to West Texas Mesquite.

3. Boston’s Pizza
This Arena District sports bar and restaurant is one of the best sports bars in Columbus. Don’t sleep on their wings, especially if Zac’s in the kitchen. They are one of the best kept secrets in CBUS. Go try ’em out and tell Zac the Wingman sent ya.

2. JT’s Pizza, Pub & Patio
This local fave has been serving the area since 2007. From stupid hot to garlic, JT offers up a wide variety of wing flavors. Order takeout or drop in for the big game – can’t go wrong either way.

1. Pastimes Pub & Grill
With three locations and 32 wing flavors to choose from, Pastimes’ crisp fried chicken wings are a crowd pleaser. Siracha bourbon and Raspberry Jalapeno are a few of my fave flavors on the menu.

Thanks for checking out our list of the best Super Bowl wings in Columbus, Ohio. We hope you found it helpful. If you score wings from any of the chicken wing places on this list, be sure to take pics and notes and share ’em on – the Encyclopedia of chicken wings. Share your love of chicken wings with the world!

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Chicken wings have been in the Ohio capital’s DNA for a long time. In 1982, The franchise of all chicken wing franchises, Buffalo Wild Wings, was founded in Columbus as “Buffalo Wings & Weck.” As “B-Dubs” or “BW-3” (what some locals still call it today) took off, so did the wing scene in the 14th most populous city in the U.S. Whether you’re a local or visiting this great Midwest city for the weekend, here are a few chicken wing places to fill your wing craving.

#4 Barley’s Brewing Company

When: Wednesday

The special: .55 cent wings. *Ranch and blue cheese are .50 cents additional.

What to expect: Barley’s unconventional, grilled wings come in a variety of flavors (BBQ, sweet chili, buffalo, chipotle, gates of hell) and dry rubs (salt and vinegar, hot honey, chili lime). You can order them tossed or with the sauce on the side. Their wings tend to score high in meatiness and can be classified as “fall off the bone” wings. Super tender, not much effort required to separate the meat from the bone. All around a clean wing. Great beer selection, too.

Order like a pro: Gates of hell sauce

#3 Pastime’s Pub & Grill

When: Sunday

The special: .69 cent traditional wings. *Blue cheese, ranch, and celery for .69 cents each.

What to expect: This spacious neighborhood sports bar has three locations with a menu showcasing 30 flavors. From Lava (if you dare) to Tangy BBQ and a variety of dry rubs, there’s a flavor for everyone at Pastimes. Be sure to ask your server for the wing flavor of the month!

Order like a pro: Raspberry Jalapeno

#2 Pecan Penny’s

When: Monday

The special: .75 cent wings

What to expect: Smoked with a house rub, Pecan Penny’s chicken wings are flash fried to order and seasoned with signature spices before they are served. Order them as is or with any of their house-made sauces (G-Daddy, Hot Grandpa, Goldie, Kurt, Randall “Memphis” Raines, Billy Hoyle).

Order like a pro: Billy Hoyle sauce

#1 Nasty’s Sports Bar and Restaurant

When: Wednesday

The special: All you can eat wings for $11.99. *Blue cheese, ranch or celery for .99 cents.

What to expect: With a menu boasting 20 sauces, including many novelty sauces from Nastiest to Fireball to Parmesan Pepper. Nasty’s also serves up three dry rubs – Cajun, Lemon Pepper, and Garlic Romano. This Hilliard sports bar is a great place to catch a game, knock back some suds (28 beers on tap!) and load up on wings. Come hungry and be sure to wear your wing eating t-shirt – wet nap included.

Order like a pro: Nasty sauce

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It's official - the National Buffalo Wing Festival is set to return this Labor Day weekend and there's extra reason to toast to this wingtastic news. Buffalo New York's granddaddy of all wing fests will be celebrating its 20th anniversary - two decades of wings! According to the wing fest website, the 2021 fest may look a little different than past events but you can still count on delicious wings from the best wing places across the country. The wing fest team captained by "Buffalo Wing King" Drew Cerza is working hard to adjust the festival format to accommodate safety concerns and logistical changes necessary to comply with local and state health departments.

Here's an early look at how this year's fest will work:

  • Festival admission in 2021 will evolve into timed, pre-ticketed sessions.
  • On Saturday, Sept. 4th, there will be (3) three hour sessions.
  • On Sunday, Sept. 5th there will be (2) three hour sessions.
  • All admission tickets will be prepaid online.
  • As of now, wing fest team is hoping that outdoor large gathering capacity allowed by the state will increase to 5,000 people.
  • This would allow a total of 25,000 tickets to be sold.
  • More information will be forthcoming on this year’s prices and ticket sales.

Check out the full 2021 National Buffalo Wing Event Schedule here.

With the new format, I fully expect this year's festival to be a blast and impress like past festivals. I had the privilege of meeting the Buffalo Wing King / festival organizer Drew Cerza at the 2011 festival and know he'll put on a great event. Stay saucy my friends and follow us on IG and Facebook for updates on the festival as it approaches and more great chicken wing content.

Eating wings is an art. Don't take your approach lightly or you may find yourself asking why your friends stopped inviting you to wing night. Don't worry, we got you. Check out the Wingpedia quick guide to eating chicken wings like a professional. With these tips, you will not have to worry about losing your wingtourage card.

1. Blue Cheese, Please.

Save the ranch for your salad. When asked if you would like Blue Cheese or Ranch with your wings, simply respond, "Blue Cheese, please." Leave it at that. Inventor of the chicken wing, Teressa Bellissimo, served the first ever plate of wings at her family-owned Anchor Bar in 1964 and she paired them with Blue Cheese and celery. Pay homage, keep it simple, and say it with me, "Blue Cheese, ..."

2. Master the Flat

Learning how to eat a chicken wing in one bite has many advantages. In addition to the popularity you'll gain within your wing circle, this technique keeps your beer hand free and clean in case you need to wipe tears from your eyes. Most importantly, it saves time, enabling you to eat more wings - goals! First, observe the wing and identify the larger end. Pinch down gently until the chicken releases from the cartilage. Next, put the entire wing in your mouth, grip the body of the wing with your lips and retract the wing from your mouth. You just mastered eating a chicken wing with one bite. Great job!

3. Extra Crispy Is Never A Bad Idea

Ever regretted ordering your wings extra crispy? Said no one, ever. When you are trying out a new wing joint and unsure of the final product, error on the side of safety and take out an insurance policy in the name of extra crispy. Plus, extra crispy means more effort to peel away the chicken from the bone. That's a good thing - put your mouth muscles to work. Joey "Jaws" Chestnut does.

4. Antacids Are Your Best Friend

Eating chicken wings are a lot of fun but the sport can have some negative side effects, especially if you like 'em extra spicy. That's why it's important to pop an antacid before you wing if you have a history of heartburn. There are many over the counter options out there. I prefer Prilosec, but I'm biased.

5. Double Down On Wing Night

Wing night is the best night of the week. If you do your homework, you can find a wing night every night of the week. That means more wings for you and more money in your pocket. Wing smart, use online resources like Wingpedia to find the best wing nights near you.

Wing Focus is bi-weekly column that highlights a wing establishment or local hero who is cooking up the best chicken wings in your city. Is there a wing night that you attend regularly? Is your friend known for his wild and whacky wing recipes? Tell us - we want to speak with them! Drop us a note at, tell us about them in the comments section below, or give us a shout on the Official Wingpedia Instagram. We would love to highlight their wing skills here on Wingpedia through a review or interview or both! Thanks for your help in bringing this exciting new column to life. It's not possible without you. Stay saucy my friends!

Wing night. There's no other recurring food event on the calendar quite like it. It's a chance to get together with friends, order a few suds, and debate important things like drum or flat, hot or BBQ? Should you go for 20 tonight or are you content with a 10-pack? When it comes to planning for wing night, some say just wing it, but with the increasing popularity of chicken wings and a recent reported shortage of wings, it's wise to have a game plan. Don't fret. The experts at Wingpedia are here to help with 3 strategic tips to winning at wing night.

1. Do your homework.

You wouldn't make a purchase on Amazon without reading the reviews would you? The same vetting process should apply when planning for wing night. A simple Google search for "wing night near me" will yield some local options. Similar queries on apps like Yelp will return a few results, too. Go a level deeper on Wingpedia, the encyclopedia of chicken wings. The Wingpedia team of wing experts share their favorite wing joints and specials on their new website which has some unique features that should appeal to wing lovers around the globe. With a few taps, you can find top rated wing places in your area, filter by wing night, as well as review scores of wing flavors on the menu. Most food review sites provide an aggregate review of the establishment itself while Wingpedia serves up a review score for each wing flavor on the menu. Are you a lemon pepper fan? No problem. Within minutes, you can locate the best lemon pepper wings in your backyard. Once you've picked a place for wing night, make sure you read the fine print. Some establishments offer wing night once a week, others twice a week, and some even daily. Wing night usually has a start and end time so be sure check out the establishment's business page on Wingpedia for all the details before you lock in plans with your crew.

2. Bring Your Wingtourage

Wing night is better with friends. Got a pal who also loves wings? Drop a recurring invite on their calendar. At wing night, take advantage of having company. Trade sauces like they are baseball cards, discuss the anatomy of the wing (tip, flat, drum) and then determine where you fit on the blueprint of happiness. Mix it up and have one of you order 'em extra crispy and compare the contrast in styles. Take plenty of pictures and notes. Yes, wet naps are acceptable replacements for paper. If you don't have a pen, dip your fingertip in hot sauce and rate 'em using Wingpedia's expert rating system. When you're finished, be sure to submit your reviews on the Wingpedia website. Don't have a wingtourage yet? That's OK. Wing night is great for first dates. Be brave and ask - you'll quickly find out if your latest match has longevity. Long story short, wing night is special. Make the most of the greatest night of the week and share the joy with others.

3. Wear Your Wing Eatin' T-Shirt

Wing night is a sport. Come correct or be prepared to take a seat on the bench. Don't be a rookie and wear your finest clothes to wing night as you'll likely accrue a few sauce stains. Got an old tee in your closet that pays homage to your favorite sports team? That'll do. Got a vintage wingfest shirt? Even better. If you don't have either of those and are looking to build up your wing night attire, we got you covered. Check out the Wingpedia Store for the world's greatest wing apparel, including our coveted Wing Eatin' T-Shirt. Emergency napkin and wet nap holder included! You'll be the talk of the town at wing night in this epic t-shirt.

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