Wing night. There’s no other recurring food event on the calendar quite like it. It’s a chance to get together with friends, order a few suds, and debate important things like drum or flat, hot or BBQ? Should you go for 20 tonight or are you content with a 10-pack? When it comes to planning for wing night, some say just wing it, but with the increasing popularity of chicken wings and a recent reported shortage of wings, it’s wise to have a game plan. Don’t fret. The experts at Wingpedia are here to help with 3 strategic tips to winning at wing night.

1. Do your homework.

You wouldn’t make a purchase on Amazon without reading the reviews would you? The same vetting process should apply when planning for wing night. A simple Google search for “wing night near me” will yield some local options. Similar queries on apps like Yelp will return a few results, too. Go a level deeper on Wingpedia, the encyclopedia of chicken wings. The Wingpedia team of wing experts share their favorite wing joints and specials on their new website which has some unique features that should appeal to wing lovers around the globe. With a few taps, you can find top rated wing places in your area, filter by wing night, as well as review scores of wing flavors on the menu. Most food review sites provide an aggregate review of the establishment itself while Wingpedia serves up a review score for each wing flavor on the menu. Are you a lemon pepper fan? No problem. Within minutes, you can locate the best lemon pepper wings in your backyard. Once you’ve picked a place for wing night, make sure you read the fine print. Some establishments offer wing night once a week, others twice a week, and some even daily. Wing night usually has a start and end time so be sure check out the establishment’s business page on Wingpedia for all the details before you lock in plans with your crew.

2. Bring Your Wingtourage

Wing night is better with friends. Got a pal who also loves wings? Drop a recurring invite on their calendar. At wing night, take advantage of having company. Trade sauces like they are baseball cards, discuss the anatomy of the wing (tip, flat, drum) and then determine where you fit on the blueprint of happiness. Mix it up and have one of you order ’em extra crispy and compare the contrast in styles. Take plenty of pictures and notes. Yes, wet naps are acceptable replacements for paper. If you don’t have a pen, dip your fingertip in hot sauce and rate ’em using Wingpedia’s expert rating system. When you’re finished, be sure to submit your reviews on the Wingpedia website. Don’t have a wingtourage yet? That’s OK. Wing night is great for first dates. Be brave and ask – you’ll quickly find out if your latest match has longevity. Long story short, wing night is special. Make the most of the greatest night of the week and share the joy with others.

3. Wear Your Wing Eatin’ T-Shirt

Wing night is a sport. Come correct or be prepared to take a seat on the bench. Don’t be a rookie and wear your finest clothes to wing night as you’ll likely accrue a few sauce stains. Got an old tee in your closet that pays homage to your favorite sports team? That’ll do. Got a vintage wingfest shirt? Even better. If you don’t have either of those and are looking to build up your wing night attire, we got you covered. Check out the Wingpedia Store for the world’s greatest wing apparel, including our coveted Wing Eatin’ T-Shirt. Emergency napkin and wet nap holder included! You’ll be the talk of the town at wing night in this epic t-shirt.

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